Oxidized bitumen 90/15 production plant

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During its making, between 1% and 40% and more particularly between 2% and 30% by weight of the bitumen of a fluxing agent can be added to the cross-linked and/or functionalized Oxidized bitumen 90/15 composition and can consist in particular of a hydrocarbon oil with a distillation range at atmospheric pressure that is determined in accordance with the ASTM standard D 86-67, ranging between 100° C. and 600° C. and ranging more specifically between 150° C. and 350° C. This hydrocarbon oil, which can among others be a petroleum fraction of aromatic nature, a naphtheno-paraffin-base petroleum fraction, a paraffin-based petroleum fraction, a coal oil or an oil of plant origin, is sufficiently “heavy” to limit the evaporation when it is added to the bitumen and also sufficiently “light” to be eliminated as much as possible after spreading the bitumen/polymer composition in which it is contained, so as to once again find the same mechanical properties that the bitumen/polymer composition prepared without the use of a fluxing agent has after being spread when hot. The fluxing agent can be added to the environment that is created from the bitumen, the precursor elastomer and, if necessary, the possible additional polymer(s) and the cross-linking agent and/or the functionalization agent, at any time during the making of said environment, with the quantity of fluxing agent being chosen, within the ranges defined above, to be compatible with the final sought use at the work site.

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