oxidised asphalt

oxidised asphalt

Oxidised asphalt normally called to the blown bitumen or oxidized bitumen in UK market.It is a peculiar amorphous material which is generally in liquid form when discharged by oxidation plants at a temperature ranging from 240° to 300° C., and becomes solid or pasty at ambient temperatures. While being relatively hot, it is viscous, whereas when in pasty or solid state it possesses a fair degree of elasticity. Both in liquid and in plastic or solid form blown asphalt is a highly insulating material with good adhesion properties with respect to almost any solid material.

Used for protection of under ground concrete,bridges,culverts,retaining walls,tanks surroundings,dams,conduits and decks.
Grade of oxidized asphalt can be used in built up water proofing system.
As a MOP coat for damp proofing.
Excellent bond and adhesive.
Raw material of mastic, primer and enamel.
Oxidized asphalt, type R 115/15 has good resistance for vertical and sloped surfaces under direct of sunlight in the temperature exceeding more than 50C.
Blown asphalt is as raw material to produce of water proofing stuff.

asphalt is as crack filler of asphalt

Oxidised asphalt using as crack sealer depend on road and standard also depend on climate and minimum and maximum temperature of day and night.Oxidised asphalt has very high viscosity and after preparation of the crack and clean the cracked area using directly the oxidized asphalt and very soon will get dry and stick to the asphalt.Oxidized asphalt as rubberised property and preparing some elasticity to the roads.

How to apply oxidised asphalt?

Clean the surface before application and prime with asphalt primer, do not use emulsion asphalt as primer. Apply oxidized asphalt hot with felt or woven fabric when asphalt is hot, to be sure to have a good felt or woven fabric saturation.Do not use oxidized asphalt on wooden roof. Do not apply hot oxidized asphalt when is raining.

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