bitumen crack sealer

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bitumen crack sealer

Our bitumen crack sealer is an elastomeric sealer, which is formulated to be applied in all hot melt conditions. They are used to seal fissures and cracks arising in the surface of the asphalt pavement and for sealing joints and cracks in concrete pavements, in order to avoid water ingress.

It should be broken into small lumps and put into a thermostatically controlled bitumen boiler a piece at a time, adding a piece at a time until there is sufficient molten adhesive for the work in hand and the bitumen attains its normal working temperature of 240°C.  The use of a thermostatically controlled boiler helps minimise health and safety risks by ensuring the bitumen is not overheated. As with all bonding bitumen, do not heat above 260°C.

Bitumen crack sealer grades

There are several grades line as 95/25, 85/25, 75/25, 90/40 and 115/15

Traditional pour and roll methods for bonding built-up roofing should be used.

Only trained operatives should use hot bitumen. Always wear gloves and suitable personal protection equipment.

It is a high grade bonding bitumen, supplied in easy to handle 25kg shrink wrapped blocks and bags. Our products combines the benefits of a high quality bonding bitumen, with the greater efficiency, safer handling and reduced waste that comes from this convenient package.

  • High quality general purpose hot bonding bitumen
  • Melt away packaging – less waste to clear up
  • Safer to use – almost half the weight of conventional keg bitumen
  • Environmentally friendly – no wrapper to remove and dispose of
  • Economical to stack and store – requires less room than conventional kegs

packings of sealers

available packing of bitumen crack sealer is bag and drum also box and bucket

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