blown asphalt packed in 25Kg bag

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blown asphalt packed in 25Kg bag
Our blown asphalt is an exothermic reaction and accordingly the temperature rises during the blowing also pressure increase and by both items remove the light hydrocarbons and remain heavy oil called dried asphalt.Oxidized asphalt is same material and just name is different.

Important range of items in blown asphalt



Test method astm/en13304

Specific gravity @ 25/25 cg



Penetration @ 25 c



Softening point c



Loss on heating(wt) %

0.2 max


Flash point c

250 min


Solubility is cs2(wt) %

99.5 max


Spot test



Packing of blown asphalt

The blown bitumen is packable in various packing including kraft bag, meltable plastic bag, drum and bulk bitumen 115/15 from penetration grade bitumen, which is blown by hot air in a controlled process until the desired specification is reached.

Usage of asphalt

Blown asphalt normally uses in a wide variety of industrial and specialty purposes like roofing applications, pipe coating enamels, underselling asphalts, pavements, and waterproof membranes for lining canals and reservoirs.

Quality of blown bitumen

We are exporting premium quality of blown bitumen why? Cause blowning of bitumen removing the solvent and light material from the asphalt and remain the high carbon content material. Actually oxidized is harm for bitumen and we are passing the Hot air from liquid asphalt via channel of acid poly phosphoric. It is working in the asphalt as catalyzer and speed up the production with less oxidization and high polymerization. So we deliver bitumen to customer with more useful material.No COKE!

This process must be happened in continues production and close adiabatic media. So we will have less lost and higher quality and price is less compare other way. Our investment for this machinery is 10 times higher than second grade. We have fast delivery and good price.

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