Oxidized bitumen 150/5 application

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application of bitumen 150/5

Bitumen 150/5 application and he invention relates to bitumen and / or asphalt with improved aging behavior and a process for the production of these bitumen and / or Asphalt.

The responsiveness of the bitumen is compared with most other organic compounds less. But since bitumen as a road building material for durable objects is used, the remains material change of the bitumen in aging process not without impact on lifespan of the streets. It is similar with others Areas in building protection.

Bitumen aging is essential due to the one effect caused by oxygen. Accelerating Factors are temperature, light energy to a lesser extent, for example by loosening oxidized bitumen ingredients, including moisture. The at the Weathering of changes in bitumen are very complicated and are caused by evaporation, Oxidation and polymerization caused.

there are four main types of bitumen application in hot mix paving applications offering assorted benefits including durability, speed of application, tailor-made design, safety, noise reduction and recyclability

Bitumen oxidation application

The evaporation process is purely physical and causes the progressive loss of volatile components when stored in Air and solar heat. It is almost exclusive depends on the temperature, the Verdun performance losses, the greater the Temperature is.

Condition for the occurrence of bituminous oxidation This substance is the presence of oxygen. The intensity and speed of the oxidation are highly dependent on temperature. The Oxidation can run in two directions, the one direction involves the chemical bond of the Oxygen through bituminous substance, while at in the other direction an elimination of a part of hydrogen or carbon in the form of Water or carbon dioxide.

The process of polymerization is based on one Condensation or polymerization of the molecules and causes the bituminous substance to harden. Freshly melted bitumen usually has one lower hardness and lower softening point as the same sample after a few days Tool life, since there is already minimal polymer sation.

The change in processing and Bitumen 150/5 properties relevant to use are all common in a physical and a chemical Component subdivided.

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