Packing of oxidized bitumen 115/15

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Packing of oxidized bitumen 115/15 available in 12 kg block, 17 kg bag, 20 kg box, 25 kg carton, 30 kg keg, 40 kg bucket, 180 kg and 220 kg steel drum, bitutainer.

Plastic bag

The best packing for oxidized bitumen is plastic bag since no need to remove the blown bitumen from the packing and you can directly use it. The bag is heat resistance and melting is 220 centigrade. The dimension of bag is 90×40 centimeter to be used in jumbo bag and pallet. All grades of oxidized bitumen packed in plastic bag must be fill inside of pool as below picture. To protect the bags against any leak we are covering the plastic bag with PP bag.

bitumen 115/15 plastic packing

Packing in craft bag

Some of customer requires oxidized bitumen in craft bag. They have different types of machine to melting the oxidized bitumen and they prefer to work with low temperature. The craft bag is silicone laminated and heat resistance up to 400C.It is easily remove from the bitumen and nonestickable. The bag is 3 layer with size of protect the bag against any leak we are covering the bags with laminated PP.

Jumbo bag

To easy carry the oxidized bitumen we are offering the blown bitumen in jumbo bag. The bags is 110x110x110 with static force based on 1.5MT.The material of the jumbo bag is PP and laminated to prevent to inject dust and moisture.

bitumen 115/15 in jumbo bag

Packing of bitumen in Box pallet

The most beautiful packing of oxidized bitumen is packed in box is a little bit expensive but strong and suitable for carry the blown bitumen. Compare to load the bitumen on pallet it is preventing to collapse the oxidized bitumen. If we load the oxidized bitumen on pallet it is deform after come to port since weather in port of loading is normally 20C higher. SO WE ARE NOT RECOMMEND TO USE PALLET FOR OXIDIZED BITUMEN BECAUSE OF BELOW PICTURE AND ABOVE REASON.

bitumen 115/15 in jumbo bag

Cylindrical craft

We are not recommending such kind of packing for export since it is hard to protect the cylinder and container against leak but upon order we will use plastic sheet on floor of container and use the cylinder as below picture

bitumen 115/15 in keg

In bulk tanker.

Easy transport and less cost for carry of oxidized bitumen is tanker.Normally oxidized bitumen is hot even after 30 hours and locally we can deliver such kind of bulk but for the export needed blower to heat up the tanker to melt the bitumen and get flow.If you check below picture you will see some went on top of tanker to bring the hot air to end of tanker.

bitumen packing

Oxidized bitumen in drum

Normally low softening point oxidized bitumen we are packing to drum.the drum is 180Kg or 170 Kg net on pallet. The drum could be open top or closed top.Normally our customer using this drum of oxidized bitumen 75/25,85/25.

bitumen 115/15 in drum oxiidzed bitumen in drum
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