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Oxidized Bitumen and asphalt have undergone a rebirth, moving from rather low-cost, mundane commodities to high-tech construction materials. At the same time, demand has risen sharply. The combination of a product in high demand and stringent quality criteria means that traders active in this space require effective risk management tools on each cargo. Rewards are potentially good, although even minor problems can prove costly.

certificate of bitumen 115/15 90/40 110/30

Our company offering the oxidized bitumen certificate with a comprehensive suite of services in the all oxidized bitumen and sector including sampling, trade inspection, analysis and cargo treatment. The most significant issues facing any actor in the supply chain in this sector are:

  • Effective sampling.
  • Sample handling.
  • The multiplicity of grades established. Grades tend to be locally determined and are not used by any foreign refineries. This poses the single largest challenge to trade in this sector.
  • Testing. The many grades, combined with typically low volumes and the fact that a number of important tests are not in most cases international, but local, makes it difficult to establish conformance with known standards.
  • Measurement. The quantification of oxidized bitumen is, in a manner similar to the quality grades, terribly fragmented. Local custom and practice is often to simply weigh out on weighbridges that are of questionable veracity or prone to external influences such as very poor weather, earthquakes and electrical power fluctuations. The fact that oxidized asphalts tend to be an intermodal cargo also makes it difficult to make accurate measurement along the supply chain. Bulk, drums, ISO tank, rail and road tank cargoes can all be found bumping up against one another in a single supply chain.

What we do?

  • Analysis of commercial bulk cargoes to ASTM, ISO, EN and similar specifications
  • Analysis of the basic performance characteristics such as:
  • Penetration numbers
  • Needle penetration
  • Cone penetration
  • Hardness
  • Ductility
  • Melting point
  • Density
  • Storage monitoring to assess oxidation state
  • Testing of drummed bitumen over time to asses batch lifetime
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