COA of Oxidized bitumen 115/15

bitumen 115/15 analysis

Analyze of bitumen 115/15

We are doing guaranty of the quality of blown asphalt 115/15 with arrangement of international inspector to check quality and quantity of the bitumen on each shipment during the loading to vessel and controlling the production by QC team via batch test report before shipping. We do guaranty the quality to meet with ASTM/EN 13304:2009.

Quality of bitumen 115/15

We are exporting premium quality of bitumen 115/15 why? Since our customer looking for analysis certificate of bitumen 115/15 by oxidation of bitumen removing the solvent and light material from the bitumen and remain the high carbon content material. Actually oxidized is harm for bitumen and we are passing the Hot air from liquid Bitumen via channel of acid poly phosphoric. It is working in the bitumen as catalyzer and speed up the production with less oxidization and high polymerization. So we deliver bitumen to customer with more useful material.

This process must be happened in continues production and close adiabatic media. So we will have less lost and higher quality and price is less compare other way. Our investment for this machinery is 10 times higher than second grade. We have fast delivery and good price.

Second grade of bitumen 115/15

The second quality is coming from oxidizing tower with very high temperature and pressure but batch by batch and during the production there is too much lost of weight plus there is possibility to burn the oxidized bitumen 115/15 to coke. Cost of production is higher and quality compare the first grade is lower. It is time consuming too and delivery time is long.Analysis certificate of bitumen 115/15 is not meet with standard.

Third quality of bitumen 115/15

It is producing by blend of soft bitumen with hard material like Natural asphalt or carbonate calcium. This type of Bitumen 115/15 is contained too much wax also viscosity and melting point is high. The price is very cheap but analysis certificate of bitumen 115/15 is off andcompare other two grades and high density plus after heating due high wax immediately will stop the flow and do not allow worker to work on.

General data sheet and analysis of bitumen 115/15

Analysis of Bitumen 115/15 Specification Test method astm/en13304
Specific gravity @ 25/25 cg 1.01/1.06 D-70
Penetration @ 25 c 10/20 D-5
Softening point c 110/120 D-36
Loss on heating(wt) % 0.2 max D-6
Flash point c 250 min D-92
Solubility is cs2(wt) % 99.5 max D-4
Spot test Negative A.a.s.h.o.t102

Below download COA of Oxidized bitumen 115/15.