Oxidized bitumen 105/35 uses

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This invention relates to a method for producing a paving asphalt cement (hereinafter referred to as “premium paving asphalts”) which, when mixed with an aggregate, forms an asphalt mixture having superior performance characteristics as compared to high quality asphalt mixtures produced by conventional processes.

bitumen bag

More specifically, this invention relates to a method for producing premium paving asphalts from asphalt precursor materials which, when treated by conventional asphalt manufacturing methods, typically tend not to produce a premium paving asphalt. Further, this invention relates to a method for upgrading crude oil fractions (residuum) which typically tend not to form an asphalt meeting the specifications of user agencies when treated by conventional bitumen 105/35 manufacturing methods (hereinafter referred to as “non-paving asphalt precursors”) and forming a paving asphalt product from these fractions.

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