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Therefore the invention relates to a method for preparing cross-linked and/or functionalized bitumen/polymer compositions with a very low susceptibility to temperature, wherein, when operating at temperatures that range between 100° C. and 230° C., preferably between 130° C. and 200° C., and when stirred, we form a homogenous mass that represents the bitumen/polymer composition and is made of a bituminous matrix wherein is evenly dispersed a cross-linked and/or functionalized elastomer, made from a precursor elastomer in a quantity ranging between 0.5% and 30% and more specifically between 1.5% and 20% of the weight of the bituminous matrix, where said method is characterized in that we make the bituminous matrix by associating, by weight, x% of a non oxidized bitumen 105/15 , with a penetrability ranging between 20 and 900 and y% of an oxidized bitumen, with a penetrability that ranges between 10 and 90, where said penetrabilities are determined based on the NF standard T 66004 and expressed in {fraction (1/10)} of a mm, where x and y are such that 20≦x≦95 and 5≦y≦80 with x+y=100.

Advantageously, the percentages by weight x% of non oxidized bitumen and y% of oxidized bitumen, associated to form the bituminous matrix of the bitumen/polymer composition, are such that 35≦x≦85 and 15≦y≦65 with x+y=100.

The non oxidized bitumen, used to form part of the bitumen matrix, consists of one single bitumen or a mixture of bitumens advantageously taken from among straight-run bitumen, refinery bitumens under reduced pressure, propane or pentane de-asphalting residue and viscosity breaking residue. More specifically, the non oxidized bitumen is a bitumen or a mixture of bitumens taken from among straight-run bitumens.

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