oxidized bitumen exhibition

Kermanshah hosted the largest blown asphalt conference and exhibition ever held, when in 2014 ATDM came to this town on the mid of May. Over 170 delegates registered for the event, with a further 250 participants in the parallel trade exhibition. The gathering of 420 participants from 14 cities and 4 countries pushed ATDM into the record this report.

In 2014 ATDM had a confident and businesslike mood, further boosted by being held in the capital of the Iran, where the business of blown asphalt grows and the market is expected to take off over the next few years. Iranian delegates formed the strongest ever contingent from a single country at any Asian blown asphalt conference and exhibition. It was the first time that the event had been hosted by the Government since 1989.

Held in Kermanshah chamber of commerce conference Centre, in May 2014 blown asphalt summit was organized by the community of blown asphalt producers with support of the university authorities, traders and blown asphalt factories owner. Altogether, 220 speakers and chairmen presented during 40 scientific, technical, business and policy sessions alongside 300 poster presentations.

As gilsonite users increased the orders and traders who has been involved in blown asphalt conference since 1972, this was a very interesting event.
Addressing the concluding session, President of ATDM gilsonite company said: “We are very pleased to return to participate after 7 years and expect to have huge shipment within 2014.

In the exhibition ATDM showed new product which is blown asphalt pellet and applicable in asphalt to increase and modify bitumen ductility.


ATDM was honored to receive the prize of the best blown asphalt exporter in conference which will be a strong motivation to promote more in near future.

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